Towny RPG


Our community guidelines for a better and more fun gaming experience...

Any form of toxicity is not allowed.

  • Any kind of action that disrupts the peace that we wanted to implement within the server such as griefing, fraud, excessive swearing, and vulgarity will lead to a mute or even permanent ban.


Client modifications that provide unfair advantage are not allowed.

  • Hacked clients, mods, or texture packs that provide advantages over normal gameplay are strictly prohibited.


Multiple accounts are not allowed.

  • There are in-game rewards that are given per account. Multiple accounts may allow players to abuse this reward system, hence, owning multiple accounts is strictly prohibited.


Real World Trading is not allowed.

  • Selling in-game items in any server for real currency is a bannable offense. We provide free gaming experience to our players and we believe that these experience should not become a way to earn money.


Staff Impersonation and Disrespect are not allowed.

  • All of the staff of VMC are dedicating their time & money to provide support, moderation, and a free-to-play server without asking for anything in return. A simple respect is all we are asking from you and if you cannot do that, we will help you leave the Network by permanently banning you from Discord and Network.


Abuse of any kind to server content/features that are considered bugs is not allowed.

  • If you think there's a bug that can be exploited, please report it right away.


Any action that harms the performance of our servers is not allowed.

  • There are modifications in the server that can easily determine the locations of any lag machine built within the server and even provide additional info on who built such machines.