Towny RPG Overhaul v1.0

3 month(s) ago

Greetings, everyone!

Towny RPG is now ONLINE!

A lot of improvements to the gameplay mechanics have been made ever since its first release in 2021. The following features are summarized below.


Economy Overhaul

  • The entire economy went into an overhaul. Players can now sell items such as Stones, Diorites, Wheat, Logs, and many more! This type of economy system was inspired from Project: Earth but with a twist, an addition of personal sell limit where players are forced to grind multiple items to earn more profit.



  • Let's be honest, if anyone wants a feature in Minecraft, it should be cooking! With our cooking pot, you can create various custom foods that tastes better than any food you cook in the furnace. Sorry, Mojang!


Custom Mechanics

  • The server uses multiple game-changing mechanics such as PyroFishing, PyroMining, and PyroFarming. An experimental addition, players can engage in new Fishing and Farming mechanics found in the Resource World. Moreover, we brought back over 200+ custom fishes as requested by the community.



  • If you enjoy PVE more than PVP, I can assure that you will love Towny RPG! We have over 20+ Dungeons and Arenas to conquer. It even has quests to waiting to be completed!


RPG Classes

  • Sometimes, jump attacks can be a bit boring. That's why we have added over 31 classes with different skill sets so that players can enjoy grinding in Dungeons. Earn Elite Coins and buy a Gold Token which can be used to craft Artifacts.


Before we end this blog, we want everyone to know that we are giving away free keys and artifacts by being an early bird in Towny RPG. This is a LIMITED event that runs until April 30, 2024. Reach Gamestage 400 and receive the following rewards:

  • Rare Keys x10
  • Mythical Keys x10
  • Legendary Keys x10
  • Heroic Keys x10
  • Ancient Keys x10
  • Artifact of your choice

So what are you waiting for, join us now @!

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